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I would SO completely love a home of white, creams and whitewashed wood, but in a house with 3 little boys, 1 big boy and 2 dogs - it just isn't practical and I like to think of myself as a practical kind of gal... kinda...
Meh not really.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite spots in our home.







cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

lovely home Sonia.
cheryl xox.

Lola said...

Your home is beautiful. Looks and feels very relaxing. Lola

toushka lee said...

one of those photos is posted twice! do I win something? No? oh.
Anyway, love love love the colourful fish. And I have the same chaisey corner couch but with one more seat.
I am overseas living in hotels at the moment and I really really miss having my own space with my own things. I have found myself trawling blogs and pinterest just to look at other peoples walls. I neeeeeeeeed to hang something on a wall soon.

purple haze designs said...

oh what a lovely home - we are blessed to own a holiday home at the beach and your pics have given me some great ideas to create some beachiness craft!! thank you

Utterly Organised said...

What a beautiful home Sonia xx said...

I have only just found this page after reading your blog for months.. and i am SO JEALOUS! What a beautiful home!

I have a unit and I do have it rather pretty but I dream of such a lovely big home! You've got some amazing style Sonia!

Melissa said...

Just beautiful!

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