Friday, 30 January 2015

Weekend Rewind - And All Together Now... BREATHE

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So, I think I may have been a little too enthusiastic about the kids going back to school today.

I'm not sure if they noticed or not, as I tried to contain myself... although the fact that I basically ran to the school gates this morning and practically threw their bags over their fence may have given it away just a wee bit.

After school drop off I met up with my hubby and some girlfriends at a coffee shop and the cafe we chose is located close to our school. I swear - today it did not resemble a suburban cafe. Instead it could have been mistaken for some kind of happy club on Ibiza where everyone is ridiculously happy... if you know what I mean.

It was packed to the rafters with mums and dads who were all laughing and hugging and totally beaming, stopping just short of dancing on the tables. It was fair to say there was a general air of celebratory joy in that cafe this morning and I was happy to be a part of it.

At least two Mums I spoke to started the conversation with "are you sad the holidays are over?" and when I said "Hell NO" you could see the relief on their faces as they realised they too could stop feeling like they needed to pretend they were sad and instead rejoice in the relief completely guilt free.

However, if you were to ask my kids if they were excited about returning to school today - they would have rolled their eyes at you before launching themselves into a woe is me the world is ending kind of production. Such was their level of enthusiasm.

In other exciting news, the new Mother and Baby Magazine came out today and smack me silly and call me Billy, there I was pictured alongside a load of gorgeous blog pals.

Together we make up the new Mother and Baby blogger team and the article was to introduce us to the Mother and Baby readers - a total pinch me is this really happening moment.

L-R: Me, Vegie Smugglers, Mumabulous, The Young Mummy, Be a Fun Mum, Sydney Kids, Food + Travel

L-R: Floyd-Henry Morley, The Imperfect Mum, Operation Move, Raising Master Max, Mama Stylista
I have to be honest and tell you though, when my hubby arrived home from the shops with a copy of the magazine, I opened it with shaking hands. 

You may recall me telling you a few months ago about how utterly awkward I felt at the photo shoot and how I had no idea what to do with my hands? 



Anyway... the point is I have been kind of freaking out ever since about how the photos were going to turn out. I hate having my photo taken at the best of times, let alone with lights and fancy cameras and hands and arms that have no idea what they are doing.

So I quickly flipped through the pages until I found us and when I did...  well I honestly don't know if I was more excited by the fact that there I was featured alongside such a fabulous team, or that they made me look SO TALL in the picture. 

I mean seriously, in real life I stand about as tall as most of those gorgeous woman's belly buttons and yet there I am looking kind of tallisherish than I really am.

But then... then I couldn't take my eyes of the size of my hips so followed a good 10 minutes of staring at the picture and hating on myself.

Why do we women do that? 

I mean, OK I know not everyone does that, but surely I am not the only one who goes and ruins an exciting moment by being so self critical? 

Am I?

Either way, I have decided that the house is not the only thing getting an overhaul this year. My hips and butt are on the block...  like a see ya later time for you to go kind of chopping block.

Anyhoo, butts and hips aside... 

How has your week been?
Did you have any squids starting little school or high school? 
How did they go? How are YOU?
Did you wave goodbye a little too enthusiastically too?

This week our gorgeous guest host is the absolutely divine Babs from Patchwork Cactus. I adore this gal and her bright and friendly and bubbly blog. Make sure you pop on over and say hello to Babs, and I challenge you not to fall in love with her too!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

When a Fellow Blogger Achieves Something Pretty Darn Special

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Don't you just love it when a fellow blogger smacks a goal and achieves a dream of theirs?

I do.

It's one of those things that makes me go all "Yes! YES!!" and start fist pumping the air like no mans business and that's exactly how I felt when I heard about Leigh's book being released today.

‘Perhaps the only thing that can impact and shape a woman’s life with the same power as her mother’s love and guidance is her mother’s death.'

In her book Without My Mum, Leigh Van Der Horst shares her own honest, heartfelt story of losing her beloved mother to cancer in 2008. 

She invites us on a journey that is at times heartbreaking and others heartwarming, yet is ultimately comforting and inspiring. With genuine warmth and candor, Leigh tells of her transformative passage through devastating grief to rediscover and redefine her own identity.

Without My Mum reveals the sisterhood amongst motherless mothers. Featuring stories from mothers around the world, Without My Mum offers resounding reassurance that no motherless mother is ever alone. Leigh Van Der Horst further reaches out to her motherless ‘sisters’ supported by contributions of motherly wisdom from a collection of encouraging mothers world wide together with a host of inspiring popular personalities such as Jools Oliver, Lisa Wilkinson, Megan Gale, Amanda de Cadenet and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The motherless mother’s heart needs to know that she can and will move through grief to reclaim a fulfilling, grateful and loving life. Without My Mum addresses this need by providing a definitive source of emotional and practical resources specifically for women dealing with the loss of their mum.’

Here is what Jool's Oliver had to say about Leigh's book.

You can purchase Leigh's book Without My Mum from here and to celebrate her book being published today, Leigh would like two of you guys to win a copy for yourselves. 

To enter simply tell me your favourite memory you have of your own Mum. Leigh will choose two winners on Sunday 8th Feb after 7pm AEST

Congratulations Leigh - Man I love seeing bloggers doing such awesome things!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Let The Makeovers Begin - Update 1

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I popped the cherry on my 2015 makeover mission on Sunday and there is no turning back now.

No sir.

Better yet, I picked probably the most humid day this century to start painting cause I'm real smart like that.

I'll admit - I hadn't planned it out very well... although if you weren't actually you and I was talking to my husband then I would be saying "Of course I planned this" (with a big fat NOT under my breath).

It's not like I haven't given this redecorating project of mine enough thought. I have actually been talking about doing it for like eleventy years and I had already decided that this is the year.

It's just that I hadn't actually picked a day when I would start and so I can understand why Carl was a bit shocked that one minute I was lying by the pool reading Real Living Magazine and then the next I was in my cossie and a towel lifting the lid on a tin of undercoat.

"When did you decide you were going to start this?" asked my startled husband.

"Just then" I said as I came out of the garage with an arm full of paint.

"It's Sunday, we are supposed to be relaxing" the husband declared.

"I am relaxed" I responded calmly as I stuck his screwdriver into the tin of under coat and gave it a good stir.

"It's too humid to paint today" he tried.

"Pfffft" I sniffed as I dipped my paint brush into the tin and slapped a big stripe of undercoat on the wall.

"You haven't prepped the wall properly" he accused me.

"YES I HAVE" I replied (OK shouted) indignantly as I eyeballed him and grabbed the closest dishcloth and started slapping at the wall in a defiant show of "I KNOW what I'm doing".

And I do.


I have watched enough episodes of The Block to sort of know what I am doing.

It's painting.... just painting right?

So the first room I had randomly chosen to attack is the entry and stairwell.

You can see in the very old photo above that it had boring taupe walls. In fact nearly ALL the main rooms in our house are that blah boring taupe, except for two that were red ... or burnt capsicum to be precise... a throwback to my love of red and chocolate colours in 2007.

I have since re painted one of those walls white and the other Jade green, but the rest of the taupe walls are taunting me and quite frankly it is time for them to go.

The taupe is a nice enough colour on it's own, I really don't have anything personal against taupe... much... it's just that it is so dull and blah in this house.

You see our house faces west so the back rooms get the bright morning sun and then after that there is not much sun action until the afternoon when once again it comes blaring in through the front rooms.

The house just needs to be brighter and clearly the answer to this predicament... is to paint everything white.

And so I started with the painting and about 30 minutes into my mission I started having second thoughts.

It was hot, and humid and did I mention SO . FLIPPING . HOT?

I had stripped down to nothing but a cossie (such a good look - NOT) and still I was sweating like a pig at a BBQ.

"I CAN do this" I said in a lame attempt to motivate myself, "I can".

Annnnd once I convinced the hubby to go to Bunnings for another tin of Primer - I did do it. For five whole hours straight I DID IT.

I undercoated two doors and all the walls in the entry and the stair well like a pro people.

Oh OK maybe a pro would have spent *ahem* a little more time prepping the walls... whatever. With the undercoat on I was ready to finish the job with the top coats.

And then the rain started.

And the rain continued.

AND it has rain ever since.

THREE whole frigging days and 8 frogs in the pool kind of rain and now my walls are sitting there all undercoated and stuff and annoying the crap out of me. And what can I do about it?


I cannot do a single thing because EVERYONE knows you can't paint on a rainy day....

can you?

Just asking!

So I don't really have much to show for my first progress update... except for these really bad iPhone photos of undercoated walls and carpet that I think may need replacing too.

I'll just add that to the list for another stinking hot day.

Have you attempted a DIY home makeover?
Any tips you can give me? 
Just don't tell me you can't paint on a humid day because...