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Friday, 26 June 2015

Gratitude Triumphs

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I'm not going to lie.... June has been doing it's best to live up to it's reputation as far as being a tough month in my books.

What, between kids and the husband being sick, working long days for the past 30 days straight, making over kid's bedrooms and a warehouse and having no weekends off... and then throw into the mix some asshole robbing us of all of our money (no we haven't yet got it back but we are still hopeful the bank will come through) it's no wonder my head is spinning from the vertigo from the extreme highs and the lows that have hit a little lower than expected.

But in hindsight, among all the chaos that June pegged at us, there were some extraordinary awesome days too.

The joy that came from seeing our son's reaction to his new bedroom (yes I promise I will get around to sharing it properly soon) and the fact that 21 days later his room is still spotless - MAJOR parenting win.

The love I felt from friends and family around my birthday, the exhilarating rush from seeing an empty shell being transformed into our dream business and the unwavering support from my beautiful hubby and kids as they have cooked and cleaned and helped to keep home life running smoothly whilst my attention has been elsewhere... they were all massive silver linings people.

Those silver linings... they are always there. Sometimes it just takes a little time to see them, but if you consciously make the effort to wipe away the dust just enough to reveal a little of the shine that is hidden beneath... well the payoff can be huge.

The change in your perspective and your mindset and how you view the wild ride you have endured is a priceless tonic as far as soothing your tired soul.

Finding the silver linings isn't hard.

You just need to take a little moment here and there to recognise the good things, the things that make you happy and then allow the gratitude you feel to wash away the rest of the dust and leave you to enjoy those silver linings that lay beneath.

The lovely Lila Wolff tagged me on instagram the other day to share ten things that make me happy.
I have to say Lila - the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I hadn't looked at my instagram account for a few days and so when I found myself sitting on the couch this morning after school drop off -  wallowing in exhaustion and having a little sob about the past week's events, I logged on and saw the tag and it made me stop and really think about all the incredible things I have in my life and how blessedly easy it is to actually do the things that make me truly happy.

Within that moment the dust was wiped, the silver linings revealed and gratitude triumphed.

Thanks Lila. I SO needed that.

When I sat down to write my list of happy things, my mind was flooded and I thought of at least 40 things that make me happy. But in the spirit of sticking to the rules of the exercise, here are the top ten things that have the power to make me truly happy.

1. Nights at home with all three kids and Carl, where no one is distracted by electronics or arguing over ridiculous things, but just relaxed and laughing and enjoying each others company.

2. Dare I say it - cancelled plans. You know when you are having a really crazy week and you are booked to the eyeballs with commitments. Just one cancellation that gives you a few hours reprieve is like winning the lottery as far as I am concerned.

3. Our family pun wars - man they make me laugh. When we go all out to compete with each other for the best pun and our youngest who has no concept really of what a pun even is, throws in the most random statement but somehow manages to nail it on the head. The laughter that follows... there isn't anything in the world better than that kind of laughter.

4. Snuggling up in bed on a rainy night when you know that you do not have to get up by any certain time in the morning. Damn there is no better way to go to sleep.

5. Date night with my hubby. It is so rare we get to spend any time together alone so I just relish every minute of those dates.

6. Snuggling in bed with my boys and just chatting about what is going on in their life. We discuss friendships, love, worries and dreams and it is in those moments that I see what incredibly beautiful souls Carl and I have been blessed with.

7. Long lunches with my girlfriends. The type where you are in no hurry to leave and you can just sit back and enjoy some good food, a glass of wine and a shit load of belly laughs. Good for the soul that stuff.

8. Lying by the pool in Summer with a pile of magazines and a G&T. I really don't need to elaborate any further do I?

9. The Sun. Yep there is no denying I am a summer gal through and through and a good dose of sunshine just dissolves any lingering fogginess I may be feeling. Finding a warm sunny spot on a cold wintery day? Well that is just pure bliss.

10. Christmas Eve. I know its a little bit left field huh, but Christmas Eves are always spent with my Mum and Dad and my brother's family and the magic of Christmas and the anticipation the kids feel literally buzzes in the air around you. The kids all chatter excitedly, the champagne flows, everyone reminisces and just relaxes and truly appreciates and enjoys each others company. I love it.

Dang I am feeling so much happier having just written that list and given that my so called sucky June was also filled with at least 7 of those 10 things above, well maybe June isn't looking so sucky after all.

Can you list 10 things that make you happy?

Take five minutes to do it now, and share them if you would oblige us, I promise this little exercise will turn on a light inside and leave you feeling all warmish and ahhh... happy!

Cheap therapy? You betcha!

Have a fabulous weekend you guys.

What ten things make you happy?

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Aren't We All At Least a Little Self Conscious?

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I'm just going to lay it out there - There are so many things about myself that make me feel self conscious.

My wonky legs, the fact that I am such a short ass but what I lack in height I literally make up for in my ass, the way that when I smile one of my front teeth slightly overlaps another and how about when I laugh and sometimes a snort comes out.

Oh we can't forget about my less than attractive feet, extraordinary long toes and my uncanny ability to trip over anything and everything that falls in my immediate and not so immediate path.

I hate getting up to dance... especially if I am stone cold sober... gah I shudder at the mere thought, and although I can play the guitar and the piano and I can kind of sing OK too, I would be mortified if I had to do it in front of more than a handful of friends, and even that would require a few G&Ts first.

How I manage to even make it out of the house carrying all of those insecurities... I do not know!

I admire people who appear so completely unselfconscious and who look from the outside like they do not give two hoots about how the world sees them.

Being totally unselfconscious would be such an incredible gift to have don't you think? IF there is such a thing.

We all have something that makes us self conscious.. don't we?

Or don't we?

Now if I was that Anthony Robbins dude (motivational extraordinaire), I would probably at this point stand in front of you and with an extravagant gesture and a booming voice declare that the whole big hands big penis thing is a total myth.



I mean if I suddenly became Anthony Robbins then of course it would be one of the first things I checked out early on because... you know... well he has big hands so ummm...

But that's not necessarily what I would be telling you. Nope more likely it would be something more along the lines of this (insert deep voice) "Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear"... and then I would check the hand to penis ratio again to be sure.

The king of motivational speaking has really big hands... apparently, and yet I doubt he is self conscious of them.

But then I suppose why should he be self conscious of such a ridiculous detail... why should any of us be self conscious about any part of ourselves?

If our desires can enjoy a little dirty dancing with our fears, then why the hell don't we just join in?

In the interest of being brave and sharing amongst friends, as well as stopping those insecurities of ours from robbing us of our confidence through realising that most of us have a little wonky something, I'd love to know;

Is there any part of yourself that you are self conscious of?
Any talents you are holding back because you don't want to bring attention to yourself or something wonky?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The One That Was Originally Titled 'F*CK YOU F*CKITY F*CK F*CKER!"

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Did I ever mention I am of Irish descent.... aye!

It probably goes a long way to explain the degree of superstition that courses through my brain and the reason my nose goes so red when I break my two drink rule and charter into 'ohyeahwhythefecknot' territory and down a third drink.. and the fourth.

To be sure to be sure.

My heritage is also how I explain away my weird habit of dealing with people who seriously wrong me - I write their name on a piece of paper and stick it in the freezer and leave karma to do it's work.

For real!

Actually, I have no idea if that little ritual has anything to do with my Irish background or not. I learnt it from my late Aunt who believed in all things spooky, was a dedicated fan of Phantom of The Opera and was adamant that this was an old Irish curse designed to right those who wrong you... or at the very least have karma bite them on the ass.

My freezer has only ever seen a few names in it over the years.

The superstitious me treads carefully and reserves this only for those who have really screwed us over - including people like the biatch who stole my families antique birdbath (that story has been somewhat exaggerated over the years to suit), an old boss of my husband's whose bad deeds are so gross I don't even want to think about them, and the woman who knocked my strawberries over and stole my self serve cash register at the grocery store and didn't even say sorry.

OK so I may have been having a bad day when I added strawberry lady to the freezer, and the fact that the paper with 'checkout thief / strawberry masochist' written on it got thrown out after it froze to a bag of prawn shells after Christmas.. well it was probably a good thing.

Yesterday I added another name to the freezer... only much like the strawberry checkout thief, I didn't actually know the correct name to write so instead I wrote;

 'the person who skimmed our key card and robbed our bank account of every last cent'.

Yep we were fleeced over the weekend.

Our bank account was cleaned out of everything but $6.05 and they probably would have taken that too if one of the many atms they used to rob us from had dispensed $5 notes and coins.

It makes me sick to the stomach to think that we live along side such assholes in this world. People who think that it is OK to rob, rape and assault (and steal family heirlooms like birdbaths).

Not that I am comparing having all your money or a bird bath stolen to being physically harmed but still... you know what I mean?

I was going to write about this last night, but it has taken me that extra 16 hours to calm down enough to actually write something semi intelligible rather than a whole lot of FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK that was titled  FUCK YOU -  FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKER!

I honestly don't think I have ever sworn as much as I have in the past 24 hours since this happened and never ever have I wanted so much to hunt someone down, tie them up and pluck every single hair from their body slowly and precisely with a pair of crooked tweezers.

Alas, their name is in the freezer now and I shall leave their fate in the hands of the law and the leprechauns and I have no doubt at all that Karma will smack them hard... and if luck is on my side, they will spend a lifetime suffering from Syphilis or something equally uncomfortable and hard to cure.

Have you ever been robbed or had your bank account cleaned out?
Did they get caught?
Got any rituals to deal with Assholes that I should know about?