Saturday, 1 November 2014

An Exciting Announcement & A Chance To Win The Trip Of Your Dreams

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This Bloggerati Getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism

Oh man, I have a lot to tell you guys about and I must warn you that I am insanely excited. Of course the thing is that when I am this excited, I have a tendency to ramble, and then the more I ramble, the more I digress and I’ll go completely off track until… squirrels… camels…tacos…

Ummmm where were we?

That’s right… my news.

So I have literally been busting at my britches to tell you about what has been going on behind the scenes lately, and now… finally, the time has come that I can let the cat out of the bag.


 I know right!

Please excuse my overuse of the exclamation marks and shouty capitals but, slap me silly and call me Billy, I can’t breathe because I am that excited.

OK, let’s go back a few steps so I can give you the full story.

So recently, Life Love and Hiccups was invited to join the fabulous Nuffnang Bloggerati team. For those of you who are shaking your heads and wondering what the hell I am talking about -Nuffnang is the blogging agency, who will be handling all of my brand relationships for me moving forward.

Now, as far as you my awesome readers are concerned, you won't notice much difference on the blog front. My blog has been under the care of a blogging agent for the past two years anyway so nothing much will change from your perspective.

What it essentially means is that Nuffnang will be helping me to connect with the brands that I would love to work with so that I can continue to create content on this blog that I am truly passionate about.

Makes sense right?


Now here’s the part where I have multiple bruises all over my body from all the constant pinching I have been doing these past few weeks. I, along with 20 other Australian Nuffnang bloggers, will be heading off in December for an incredible Blogger getaway to Dubai, sponsored by Dubai Tourism.


Sweet Baby Cheeses…


Never in a gazillion years would I have ever imagined that this blog would see this super klutzy mum of 3 from the Northern Beaches going anywhere like Dubai.

To be totally honest, I didn’t know a great deal about Dubai before this all came to life.

At first, I pictured myself as Carrie Bradshaw with her Sex and the City pals walking through the desert in gorgeous outfits and high heels… but when I watched the movie again I realised that they were actually in Abu Dhabi, and furthermore I don’t own a single outfit as flashy as theirs, and I can't walk in high heels to save my life.

So I did what I always do when I need answers… I turned to the internet and Googled the bejeezers out of Dubai.

Up came pages and pages of camel safaris and traditional bazaars, the world’s largest mall and manmade islands, underwater zoos, extravagant buildings, restaurants and mosques, and I did what I always do when I get this excited about something… pretty much what I am doing now… I pee a lot and forget to breathe.

Now, as for you guys… you better have gone to the toilet and be holding your breath too because one of you and a friend will be joining us bloggers on this trip of a lifetime.

The winner of this competition and their +1 will receive return flights from their nearest capital city, accommodation and activities in Dubai and will be travelling with the Nuffnang Bloggerati team on this incredible adventure. 

Alright, so all you have to do to enter is answer the question:

‘What do you dream of in Dubai?

Then, you need to to do the following;

Use the hashtags #NNDubaiDreams and #mydubai when you share your answer on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can use images, text or video to create your entry, but just make sure your social media posts / entries are publicly visible and they must include both #NNDubaiDreams and #mydubai hashtags to be eligible

Entry is open to residents of Australia with a valid passport and the winner must be available to travel December 3 – 12, 2014.

This giveaway is open now & will close at 5pm AEDST on November 12th 2014. 

So get cracking you guys!
Share your Dubai Dream and let’s do Dubai like no man’s business! 
Are you entering, wanna come with me?

Friday, 31 October 2014

Weekend Rewind - A Totally Random Story About Compliments and Toe Bans

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I made a complete ass of myself again today... all because I suck at taking compliments.

I had stopped into the 7 Eleven on my way home from a meeting this morning, as I had a serious craving for an icy cold Coke in a glass bottle. It's got to be in glass, always glass because I cannot drink Coke or any fizzy drink for that matter, from a plastic bottle. I have this thing in my head that makes me believe that it is just not cold enough or refreshing enough unless it is in glass.

Are you the same or are you not fazed either way and just think I am than you originally gave me credit for?

Anyway, that paarticular argument is completely irrelevant because it was what happened when I was in the servo that was behind today's serving of self imposed humiliation.

So I grabbed my icy cold glass bottle of coke from the fridge and I plonked it down in front of the register and start digging around in my purse for some change.

"That's a nice colour lipstick" says a man's voice.

I look up from my purse and look at the man behind the counter before quickly spinning around to look behind me. When I find there is no one behind me, It dawns on me that he was talking to me.

"You what?" I asked somewhat bewildered.

"That's a nice colour lipstick you are wearing maam" he said again as he looked directly at me.

I paused for a count before I opened my lips and started furiously rubbing at my teeth "Oh man, do I have lipstick on my teeth?" I mumbled with my finger stuck in my mouth.

"No, I don't think so, I didn't notice" he said "I just like the colour of your lipstick, it looks nice on you" he added without breaking out into the fits of laughter I was totally expecting from him.

"Ahhhh thanks. I like the colour of your ummm head thingy" I said pointing to the purple cloth wrapped around the top of his head whilst cursing myself for having a total brain fart and not remembering the name of it.

"Its a Toe ban" he informed me "Thank you"

"A WHAT? A Toe ban?" I asked incredulously

No maam, its a T.U.R.B.A.N he repeated slowly and clearly so that I wouldn't misunderstand his accent again.

"Of course it''s a turban Sonia you moron" I thought to myself as we stood there in awkward silence, neither of us knowing what to say or do next. "der"

I quickly grabbed some guilt purchases - you know, the packet of mints, three Curly Whirlys for the kids and an NW mag that you buy because you are so embarrassed by what just went down and you think that buying extra stuff will make up for being such an A class idiot.

I placed them next to my icy cold coke in it's glass bottle and handed over my keycard all the while feeling like a complete moron.

I walked out of there somewhat stunned by what had just gone down. How on earth did I manage to turn what I am guessing was supposed to be a nice innocent compliment into that awkward confusing exchange of words?

Because I suck at taking compliments. That's why!

The point is... well there is no point really. In hindsight this post is just as random as a stranger in a servo with a purple 'toe ban' on his head telling me that he likes my lipstick colour. Except, next time I will just offer a simple thank you for a compliment instead of creating such a toe ban curling awkward situation and looking like a complete ass.

I do however stand by my claim that coke is colder and tastes better in a glass bottle.

Oh by the way... if you remember, come back tomorrow as I have a HUGE announcement I have been busting to tell you about!

Happy Weekend you guys xx

How are you at accepting compliments?
Do you prefer Coke and fizzy drink in glass over plastic?
Do me a favour and say turban out loud with an Indian (I think) accent.. Does it sound like 'toe ban' to you or am I just a moron with wax in her ears?

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It does not matter where you link as your link will show up in all 4 places.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Making an Entrance

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I tend to be a HUGE klutz when it comes to making an entrance. I can pretty much guarantee that at least 2 out of 3 times I will completely humiliate myself by falling out of my car, walking into a wall, tripping over my own feet, or just saying something really really dumb.

But I'm not here to humiliate myself any further by telling you about just how awkward I really am. Nope, the type of entrances I am talking about today are the ones in our homes.

When I am walking along the street, pretty much any street, and I see someone coming out of their front door, I am the weirdo straining her neck to get a little peak at their entry and front hallway.

From one teeny glimpse through the front door, I can get a feeling for a place. Uh huh! I telepathically tune into the energy flowing out the front door and tap into the vibes in the bricks...

OK not really... and by not really I mean that I have absolutely no telepathic powers to read a house's energy, but the bit about having a creaky neck from being such a sticky beak is unfortunately true.

So, you've probably picked up from my random ramblings lately that I am in the process of doing up our home. I am indeed attempting to renovate on a very VERY tight budget.

The first two rooms I have unleashed myself upon are the master bedroom and the entry and front hall way area and I am pleased to report that I am kind of *cough cough* making progress.

Ohhh OK, so the progress bit is a lie too!

Truth be told, I have barely made much progress at all apart from buying the paint and collecting the artworks and bits and bobbys that I plan to put on the walls. I've have however managed to pin a shitload of images of hallways and entries onto my Pinterest board.. so I am just gonna go ahead and call it progress anyways... purely for motivational purposes.

I thought I'd give you a peak at some of the fabulous entries and hallways I found on Pinterest that I have been using as inspiration for our own home... minus the exposed brick work, expensive chandeliers and vintage floor boards, because not only am I not telepathic, I am also not an alchemist and sadly I cannot perform those kind of miracles on a next to nothing budget.

I'll share some progress of our joint with you soon, hopefully after I actually manage to get a little more done. But in the meantime... let's swoon together at these gorgeous homes.

Do you likey?
Any of these particular styles taking your fancy at the moment?
Are you a sticky beak too when it comes to getting a nosey through other people's front doors?

Image Source

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The One Where I Sort Of Kind Of Not Really Try to Explain Myself

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I may have waved the kids off a little too enthusiastically this morning at school drop off.

"See ya later have a great day be good I love you" vrroooooooooom ... I was out of there and on my way to pick up my Mum and scoot us as fast as I could to IKEA.

Hot diggety damn, I love that place.

I mean, there you are all innocently wandering around amidst an explosion of housey porn and you're so busy chucking a couple of these, one of that, and ohhhhh maybe 4 of those, into your trolley and before you know it, you're calling for a back up trolley because someone *ahem* chucked a whole load of stuff in your trolley when you weren't looking.

That happens at IKEA you know?

I've tried explaining this to my hubby (more times than I care to remember) that IKEA has super speedy Ninjas that whip around the aisle chucking random stuff into your trolley and because you are so busy soaking up all the awesomeness around you and they are so quick and swifty, you don't even realise what has happened until after you have paid for it all. By then you are so plum tuckered out and ready to go home, that you're all "Oh well, I paid for it so I may as well take it home with me."

Or something like that.

What? It's true!

It happens you know!

Heck we were so preoccupied that neither my Mum or I noticed that I walked out with a big yellow chair.

Oh ok, I may have been lucid enough to know what I was doing when it came to that chair.... but I totally blame my Mum.

Don't let her innocent finger wagging fool you. She is an enabler my friends. And a notorious enabler at that.

Anyway, no harm done. Well not much anyway.

And as for that chair... that awesome bright yellow chair that makes my heart sing... well it just so happened that I had a perfect little corner waiting for it at home. so we're all good. We've made peace.

Earlier today, Kathy from Ying Yang Mother asked the question on my Facebook page today - "what is the average amount you spend at Ikea, and what is the lowest amount - one time I went there and only spent like $80, normally we're talking $200." 

Well Kathy, in my humble opinion,  if you walk out of IKEA having only parted with $200 then you have done exceptionally well. 

But then I am the daughter of an enabler so whatever.

Over to you...

What would be your average spend when you visit IKEA?
Do you show your partner everything your bought or do you kind of just put it in it's place at home and hope that no one notices?
Have you ever accidentally kinda of on purpose bought anything you didn't actually set out to buy?

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Could it All be In The Stars and Numbers...

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I think I have mentioned before... like at least a gazillion times, that I am the type of person who is open to pretty much anything when it comes to religion, ghosts, psychics, power of the mind and universal spirituality. I mean hey... I have to be, considering I was *ahem* once an ancient Celtic healing witch or something like that.

Whilst we choose to send our kids to a religious school, we do so not because we believe that that particular religion is the be all and end all. No, we chose it for the small community and to give our boys some kind of foundation to form their own beliefs, as they mature.

I am not locked into any particular religion myself.  I'm personally drawn to a number of different religions and beliefs for varying reasons, most of which revolve around love and respect.

Over the years I have devoured books on Christianity, Paganism, Buddhism, physiology and even recently I have been reading more about Islam to try and have a greater understanding of their beliefs. So I guess you could say I am fascinated by all of them and to be honest, I like to cherry pick the most peaceful and meaningful parts of all the different religions and then apply those principles to how I choose to live my own life and guide our children.

Now whilst they aren't technically religions as such - astrology, numerology, psychics and clairvoyants and all that mystical kind of stuff, fascinates the bejeezus out of me as well.

I can't remember if I told you this, but recently some girlfriends of mine invited a psychic to our house, someone none of us had ever met before, and as soon as she walked in the door she said to me "Your deceased father in law is here you know. He says you don't have a single photo of him up anywhere and he wants you to fix that."

Ahhhh yep, and she would be correct on that. There were no photos up of my Father in Law, who had lived with us in this house until he passed away. But there sure as hell is a photo or two now!

Spooky? Yes, but then I love that kind of stuff. It intrigues me to no end.

A couple of years ago I had a psychic tell me among other things, that I would leave my corporate job and work for myself doing something that will help other people. Of course at the time I was earning a good wicket in my fancy pants corporate job and I was all "Pfft! Yeah not likely I'll ever leave this job".

Sure enough a year later, on a 2am whim, I quit that very same corporate job that I was so attached to and went into business for myself helping other businesses with their Social Media Strategy and Brand Development.

Coincidence? mmmmm maybe.

A few months back one of my best friend's Aunt offered to do a numerology reading for me.

To be honest, I was kinda freaked out a little by this idea as it is one thing to have someone tell you stuff about your future, but I wasn't so sure how I felt about having my future actually mapped out on paper. But after I was assured that you can control your own destiny and that this is merely a guide, I accepted the generous offer and waited with baited breath.

What arrived a few weeks later in the mail was pages and pages of beautifully, painstakingly, hand written notes in which Jude had outlined everything about me and my personality, past events and my future. I sat for a good hour and devoured it all, marvelling at how spookily accurate she was with the past and the present, and how exciting the future read.

Jude pinpointed issues that would arise in coming months with my health, contracts that would be signed and opportunities that would present themselves that ... holy shitballs ... have actually happened.

It's not for everyone numerology and psychics and all that kind of stuff, and totally each to their own on that. But at the end of the day, I do believe that each of us holds the power to create our own destiny and change course when things go awry. But all that said, I love to believe that there is something far greater than us out there, something religious, spiritual, universal, whatever... I just find it comforting to know that there is so much more than we can ever hope to discover in this lifetime... that when we die, after all of this, well it doesn't just stop there.

You know what I mean?

Have I completely freaked you out?
Do you believe in this kind of stuff or is it not for you?
Have you ever had your numbers done or seen a psychic?

If anyone would like your numbers read by Jude, let me know in the comments and I will put you in touch with her as she does it all via mail. She is good, very very good. I can totally vouch for that! 

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