Thursday, 24 April 2014

That Damn Holiday Energy and A Giveaway From Mocka

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For the love of God dear children, please slow down!!!!

I'm not talking about about slowing down time... although that would totally be a bonus. Nope I am referring to just slowing down the manic and exhausting speed in which you race through each and every single day of the holidays.

Seriously the energy you are spending is draining mine quicker than I can drain a G&T... and that's pretty damn remarkable.

What gets my tired old excuse for a brain in a pickle is the things they actually have the energy for and the things they don't.

For example; they have the energy to tear the house apart only moments after I have it returned to some kind of socially acceptable state. But do they have the energy to put a basket of folded clothes away into their drawers?

Nope, not until I have a hysterical outburst on their bedroom floor and then they do it out of pity.

They have energy to build insane skate and scooter ramps and master new tricks on them along with what seems to be every other child under the age of 12 they could possibly find in the neighbourhood. But do they have the energy to pick up the million and one empty icy pole wrappers and Paddlepop sticks from the front lawn?

Nope, not until I have a hysterical outburst in front of the neighbourhood kids and they do it out of sheer embarrassment.

They have the energy and the appetite to strip a pantry bare within a day of it being filled. But do they have the energy to make themselves a cheese sandwich for lunch?

Nope, not until I have a hysterical outburst and start pegging cheese slices at them and then they do it because they feel sorry for the cheese.

Come evening the energy levels are much lower... thanks heavens. There is barely enough energy left to drag their tired butts to the bathroom to shower and brush their teeth ... and yet they choose to use any last skeric of battery power to scream at each other, belt each other silly with stupid inflatable hammers, conduct spectacular meltdowns and get out of bed at least 158 times before I finally lose it and retreat to my bathroom corner with a cup of coping cordial and a blankie.

Am I doing this all wrong? Am I too lenient or am I putting too much expectations on them? Is my mission to wear them out actually working against me, or am I simply not wearing them out enough?

How are you coping these holidays? 
Are you surviving or are you ready to be committed and be my padded cell roomie?

The gorgeous gang at Mocka sent one of my boys an awesome Zed Scooter to try and out and hopefully wear him out too. Lucky for you guys they also want to give someone else a chance to win one for your energetic kids! 

So I have a Mocka Zed scooter up for grabs for one lucky little person and the winning munchkin gets to choose their choice of colour. 

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me your favourite way to wear your kids out in the holidays and then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below.

The competition is open now and closes next Tuesday at 11.59pm AEST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Course Correcting

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Sometimes life sees you heading off in a certain direction and then somewhere along the way you go "Huh?" and realise you aren't where you are supposed to be, or that where you are wasn't really in the road map you had carefully planned out.

Sometimes spontaneous diversion is totally awesome.... and other times not so much and the need for a little course correcting is in order.

These past few weeks I have found myself travelling in a direction that wasn't ever really part of my master plan when I quit the Corporate world last year.

Once again I was letting the act of making money take up a lot of extra time, time that I should be spending with my family. Given the events of recent weeks with my Dad, I know that time is far too precious to not spend it with the people I love.

I have also been letting some people in my life take advantage of my inability to say no and in my usual quest to please others I was being roped into doing 'stuff' that I really needn't be doing.

I was starting to get shitty with everything and even shittier with everyone and the whole time that I was being swept along on this shitty shitty path, I had the power to STOP and well ...just stop!

And so I did.

This Easter break I spent time with my family. I switched off from Social media, I didn't answer my phone and apart from the absolutely necessary commitments, I just did things that I wanted to do.

I painted the laundry and I lunched with my family. I had coffee with my Mum and Dad and I baked them a pie. Holy Shitballs I baked a pie!

I went to the Easter Show and ate far too many Cheese on a Stick and let the kids buy way too many lolly show bags and consequently get extremely hyper.

I took a walk on the beach with my hubby and my boys and avoided looking at the time.

I sat on my ass and crocheted and watched copious amounts of reality TV.

Maybe life has a way of forcing you off course every now and then so that you are forced to stop and reassess and make a conscious decision to change directions if necessary.... or not. Whatever works for you.

Some people would call it 'getting your act together' but I think Course Correcting kind of sums it up a bit better.

How are you travelling?
Is life and the people in it letting you go in the direction you want to go?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Weekend Rewind 10 Blog Hop - The Very Very Grateful One

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It's a short one from me tonight and I make no apology for the fact that I am spending time this weekend celebrating with my family and feeling so incredibly grateful.

Despite the title of this post, I am not so sure that I would like this week to rewind... in fact I'm pretty certain I'm glad to see the back of it. But with darkness comes light, with fight comes freedom, with determination comes reward and I for one am glad that I am the daughter of a very determined man.

The good news.... very good news,  is we have brought my Dad home from the hospital for Easter.

He has more tubes than a brewery sticking out of his arms, but that's OK, I happen to like breweries and we are just so incredibly happy that he is here with us.

Ironic that today is Good Friday, a day that is declared by Christians worldwide as such a significant day in their religious calender. I couldn't agree more. Today my Dad is home with my Mum and his precious dog Sal by his side, he is right where he should be and that makes it a pretty damn Good Friday in my books too.

Thank you all so very very much from myself, my Mum, my family and my Dad for your prayers and your beautiful messages this week for my Dad. It has been an awful week, one we are glad to leave behind us.

I know I have said this before but this community of ours never fails to overwhelm me because for all of the negative stuff you here about the online world, there are 100 hundred times (at least if not more) stories of kindness and good.

From my family - complete with my Dad - to yours, I wish you all a very Happy and Safe Easter.

What's your plans this Easter?
What are you grateful for right now at this very moment?

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Creating Memories

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Carl took the last few days off work to allow me time to go and see my Dad at the hospital whenever I felt like it. I am so incredibly grateful for a husband that loves his in laws like he does and genuinely cares about them as if they were his own parents.

The kids of course loved having Dad around and they set about getting stuck into a project they have been wanting to do for ages - building a skate grind.

Now I have no idea when it comes to anything skate related. My involvement goes as far as shouting at them to wear their helmets and applying ice packs and Betadine to the numerous wounds they self inflict when they stack.

I do know that you can buy a skateboard grind like this for about $500. No pain, no fuss ready to go,

I have no idea how much this one cost to build and it doesn't really matter as buying one would have totally defeated the purpose of what my hubby and boys were doing. 

Huddled together measuring and screwing, bumping into each other and dropping large pieces of wood onto each others toes - they were creating memories. 

Memories that will last a lifetime. 

Memories that one day our boys will tell their own children about.

Memories that will one day keep them company at night when they need it the most.

You cant buy that for $500 bucks can you?

Do you have memories of making anything with your parents when you were a kid?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Do You Choose Clean Curtains or Passionate Sex?

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I have heard of sex being used as a crisis coping mechanism and I've seen plenty of movies where the bawling / distraught / frightened or grieving character falls into the arms of the closest breathing human and makes mad passionate love and afterwards peace is restored in their life

Personally I couldn't think of anything I would least feel like doing when I am mid crisis, but hey each to their own.

We all have our ways of coping and it seems that during the recent stress of my dad being unwell I have discovered that I indeed have my own coping mechanism... one I inherited from my mum.

We clean.

For reals.

The other night I rang my mum to check on how she was doing and the conversation went kind of like this;

"Hi Mum, I just wanted to check in and see how you are" I enquired gently as I reached for the bottle of dish washing liquid.

"I'm doing OK thanks love" came the slightly breathless but reassuring response from my mum.

"Have you eaten? What are you doing?" I asked as I furiously scrubbed at a dirty smudge on one of the kitchen cupboards before filling a bucket of disinfectant to scrub down the rest of the cupboards.

"Oh I'm just cleaning the blinds" answered my Mum in a muffled voice.

"Seriously Mum? You should be resting. Who cleans at a time like this?" I demanded as I tried to ram the stupid power motor head onto the Dyson hose thingy.

Ummm it seems we do.

Yep clearly I take after my Mum and we have figured out our own way of dealing with a crisis - we clean! And quite manically at that!

I'm not so sure how this cleaning thing is working out for me though.

After lying on my bed staring out the window for a while the other afternoon, I began to notice how dusty our billowy white curtains were. Overcome by an urgent need to clean them, I screamed out to the hubby who was downstairs "HONEYYY INeedYourHelpCauseIHaveToWashTheCurtainsLikeRIGHTNOW! PLEEEEEEEASE!"

Or something like that.

After a bit of bleach and a good hot soapy wash, I was expecting to have clean dust free billowy white curtains to stare at whilst lying on the bed being all melancholy.

What I got instead was very clean white shredded to shit billowy curtains.

Maybe there is a damn good reason after all that people choose sex in a crisis and not cleaning. Their life might be falling to pieces but at least their curtains would be intact.

How do you cope in a crisis?
Would you choose clean curtains over passionate sex?
Do you have any weird and wonderful coping techniques?