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Friday, 2 October 2015

Big Steps For Such a Little Guy

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It's a very quick one from me tonight as we have just finished our last kid's school holidays workshop at the warehouse and I have barely enough energy to lift my cup of coping cordial to my lips let alone try and kick start my old brain into gear to write anything that is even remotely intelligible or interesting to read.

It's been quiet on the blog these past two weeks, because like most of you guys I have been busy kid wrangling through the school holidays, juggling work and housework and just generally trying to make sure my children were busy enough that they didn't feel the need to use each other as punching bags or target practise.

School holidays do me in every single time, but I also know that very soon those kids of ours will be grown up and they will no longer drive me batty vying for my attention and that makes me feel more than a little sad and so I intend on soaking as much of the craziness as I can... whilst I can.

I want to be full to a busting point of their childlike neediness and then I hope that when the day comes that they no longer need me as much, that there will be enough in my tank to continue to feed the part of me that wants them to need me...

You know what I mean?

One can hope.

The reality is - it doesn't last forever, and whilst there is a part of me that is mighty relieved about that fact, there is a bigger part of me that is already mourning the loss of their neediness.

On an entirely different note, we are THIS close to Sam's book being finished and I cannot wait to share the full story with you guys and the book itself.

It has been a two year process but today Sam met with his illustrator Fiona Kate and his graphic artist Steve Leeder from Little Paper Lane and together they nutted out the final layout of the book and added the last of the personal touches illustration wise from Sam.

I can't tell you just how proud I am of this little guy. Just watching his joy today as he realised that this is really happening and the pride in his face when the whole creative team came together to meet him to get his approval on the layout.. well it made my own pride bubble over to the point that I practically exploded mum gushiness all over everyone in the room.

Puffed up like a peacock I was, and that is a major understatement.

He wrote his book's dedication today - "This book is for all the kids who have had a worry or two that won't go away".

You nailed it Sammy boy. NAILED it!

We have all had worries that just won't go away and I hope you realise that it is not just this book of yours that will help other kids deal with their anxiety, you yourself will help people as you are a living testament to what we can overcome in life and I have no doubt that you will inspire both kids and adults to find the courage to face our own fears... and that my boy is such a gift you are putting out to the universe. 

YOU are a gift my little man.

It's such an awesome thing to see your children happy isn't it? Especially when you know what a struggle they have been through to get to that point.

Big steps for such a little guy.

Anyway, enough of my gushiness today, you guys are here to get your party on so let's get linking yeah?!

Have a fabulous weekend you guys.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Quesa What? An Easy WeekNight Dinner

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Brought to you by Coles

I don’t know about you but with the days getting longer at this time of the year, there are so many ways I would much rather be taking advantage of those extra hours of daylight than hanging than inside cooking dinner.

Liiiiike ANYTHING other than cooking dinner and please don't underestimate the anything part of that statement.

Regardless, those of ours kids just keep on insisting we feed them dinner. every. single. day.

What to do what to do huh?

Ahhh how about making dinner quick, fun and easy enough to make them want to make it for themselves and for us grown ups too?

Woohoo, cue the victory dance because that is one heck of an awesome plan , even if I do say so myself.

My kids love pizza, and so I guess these Quesadillas are a bit of a cheats version of pizza, and better yet - you cook them in the sandwich toaster rather than the oven.

There is honestly no real method behind the madness when it comes to these Quesadillas, because as is often the way with pizzas -the more crazy the mix of toppings, the better it often tastes.

I find if we offer the kids bowls of brightly coloured fresh vegetables and toppings, they are happy to go to town with filling their wraps with choices that we parents can feel pretty smug about.

For our guys, we filled bowls with tomatoes, capsicum, redonions, avocado, olives, mushrooms, mixed lettuce leaves, grated cheese and BBQchicken, and then it was as simple as the kids dolloping some salt reduced tomato paste onto their wraps and spreading it around with the back of a spoon, adding their toppings, fold the wraps in half and then cook them in the sandwich press until they are perfectly toasted.

If you have little kids then you are best spending ten minutes chopping up all the ingredients first and then let them put together their toppings before you take over and cook them in the sandwich press.

If you have older children then simply point them to the fridge and then get on with doing something else whilst the kids prepare dinner because seriously, you have a night off from cooking and it was as easy as that.

The kids will have a ball trying to outdo each other with the topping combos and it is quite possibly one the easiest and cheapest weeknight meals ever.


With the weather warming up it is the perfect time to focus on eating healthily and if you load up on the fresh in-season fruit and vegetables in your local Coles or Coles online, you can get the kids involved with healthy choices and the bonus of them helping you to prepare dinner.

You will find a recipe for Quesadillas along with loads of other easy weeknight meals in this month’s Coles magazine which you can pick up in store or download here. And don’t forget that and are always an awesome source of ideas to help you with your meal planning. 

Are you game to let your kids loose in the kitchen?
Do you have any other recipes your kids enjoy making that I could con my kids might be interested in trying?

Friday, 25 September 2015

When the Truth Hurts... Like A LOT!

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Criticism is a hard thing to swallow isn't it?!

I like to think I am quite open and receptive to constructive criticism and that I can take it on board like a proper grown up and use it to work towards being a better person or a better something or other...

But the reality is criticism can sting, and regardless of whether the criticism is personal, accurate or even within in your control - the truth can hurt... like a lot!

The ego is a very sensitive thing and if I'm honest, I'm not really sure what hurts more - the fact that criticism leads to such strong disappointment within myself, or the bonus disappointment I take on just knowing that I or something I am involved in, has not met someone elses expectations.

It kind of sucks either which way really and you would have to have a ridiculously thick skin to not take it to heart... even just a little.

One thing I do know from a recent experience is that criticism can be a pretty tough pill to swallow and one needs to be very careful and considerate when providing feedback to someone, especially as a parent dealing with children, because I tell you - the actual delivery of that criticism - man that delivery can be make or break material.

How do you cope with receiving criticism?
Are you thick enough skinned to simply take it on board and learn from it or does is sting like buggery and leave you feeling very bruised and battered for the experience?

Anyway it's just a quick one from me tonight as the hubby is away camping with one of our boys and so it is just me and the two little ones for a few nights... and quite frankly after a week that has left me totally knackered - a movie and some snuggles on the couch is about all I can cope with for now.

Have a fabulous weekend you guys.

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